• Diapers and Baby Wipes
  • Baby Food
  • Baby Formula
  • Infant and Toddler Clothing
  • Agency referrals
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                      Why We Do It...
Imagine having to choose between diapering and feeding your child.  What you are imagining is a reality for many single parent families. We help single parents to ensure that they have an adequate supply of diapers and other basic baby supplies for their infants and toddlers.

                      Did you know?
Most programs (WIC, Medicaid, Food Stamps) do not cover the cost of diapers. Diaper banks are a new resource for families in need. It cost approximately $160.00 per month to provide diapers for a newborn baby. Daycare facilities require that parents supply disposable diapers and wipes for their children. 1 in 4 babies are born into poverty in the United States.

  How we made a difference in 2015

  • Distributed 20,400 Diapers
  • 1500 lbs of formula/food
  • 263 pieces of clothing and 13 pairs of shoes                               

      We can make a greater impact in 2016 with your help ..



​​​​             Who We Are...  
Second Chance Resource Center provides single parents with diapers, baby food, children’s clothing and other basic  baby essentials. 

             What We Do... 

We help single parents who are experiencing a crisis and need a hand up. 

             How We Do It...

We Assist Single Parents By Providing them with…

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We provide basic baby essentials to single parents in need!